Friday, May 4, 2018

The Adventures of Diana

Who is Diana you may ask? Diana is the RIT Hot Wheelz car.
Sarah Burke, one of our Career Services Coordinators, is a very busy lady. Outside of the work she does for our office and her students, Sarah serves as the advisor for the Hot Wheelz team. The Hot Wheelz team is made up of 50 female students from multiple different year levels and different programs.

                This week Sarah and 20 team members traveled to New Hampshire to represent RIT Hot Wheelz at the Formula Hybrid Competition. Braving rain and cold temperature, Diana has made it through Pre-Tech and Mechanical Inspection thus far! Diana is proudly wearing the “Passing” sticker on her hood (pictured).

Tuesday afternoon was the Electrical Technical Inspection. This review took over 2 hours; two judges - a GM Engineer and head judge from BAE- look at and check every individual electrical connection. The judges found only 4 small things that need to be fixed.

Thursday brought new friends. The Hot Wheelz team befriended a team from RV College of Engineering in India (pictured). Thursday also brought along rain – in more ways than one. Diana needed to pass the Rain Test to move further along in the competition. For the Rain Test, Diana needed to sit under a sprinkler for 5 minutes, during which time nothing on the vehicle could fault. Ironically, it started raining about the same time Diana went under the sprinkler. After sitting under the sprinkler (and rain) for about 4 minutes, Diana passed, and is proudly wearing the “Rain Certified” sticker!

The Hot Wheelz team and the RV College of Engineering Ashwa RacingTeam.
Diana wearing many of her passing stickers!

Diana will then be put through the Tilt Test – where they put the car on a lift that literally lifts it and tilts to about a 70-degree angle- then Noise Test, and finally Brake Test.  Sarah and the team feel confident on all of them but brakes – still having brake, steering and controller issues but they are working hard to fix those issues.

Both Sarah and the Hot Wheelz team are hard at work outside of the garage, too. In the midst of finals week, the team spends their evenings in the lobby working on papers, projects, and final exams. Several team members were even able to squeeze in interviews this week. Sarah has been busy connecting with alumni who have come to the competition to now judge the cars (pictured).  Sarah has also had time to meet with company representatives at GM, Ford, FCA (Chrysler) LG Chem, and BAE – all sponsors of the competition. 

L to R – Jennifer Smith ‘16/ME/Keurig, Missy Miller ‘17/IE/GM, Marty Schooping from GIS/CIMS, Sarah Burke, RIT Career Services, Maura Chmielowiec ‘16/ME/GM and Caitlin Babul ‘17/ME/GM.

Sarah has been missed this week by our office and students, but the Engineering team has been a great backup to Sarah, ensuring her students are well taken care of while she in New Hampshire with Hot Wheelz.

At the close of the competition, Diana came in 3rd overall!
We are so proud of the team and so happy Sarah was able to be there supporting them!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Handshake Helper Tip #4: Editing your Profile

Are you planning on graduating a little later than you thought? Well, check out Handshake Helper Tip #4! This Handshake tip will show you how to update your graduation date! 

STEP 1) Click on the pen tool to be able to edit your information.

STEP 2) Change the desired information.

STEP 3) Hit save and admire what you have just completed. 

Your Handshake account can be easily updated by clicking any of the pencil icons. 

#RITGrad #RITCareerServices

5 Tips for Post Graduation

With graduation right around the corner, what are your plans?

Here are 5 tips for post-graduation:

1. Be patient 
As a new employee at a company its easy to get caught up with a fast paced,
energetic lifestyle. But sometimes you need to just slow down and learn. Use your
new status to watch and observe new lessons about your work environment,
communication styles, and the different dynamics seen throughout your
office. Don’t feel bad about not having everything figured out—you’ve got time.

2. Take Risks
Do things out of your comfort zone. Being open minded allows you to learn
something new on a regular basis. Expanding your knowledge is an ability that
keeps society growing in positive ways! Use your newcomer status to observe
and soak up on-the- job lessons about your work environment, interpersonal
dynamics, decision-making, and communication styles. Don’t feel bad about not
having everything figured out—you’ve got time.

3. Seek Guidance 
Finding a mentor and working alongside them can be beneficial for when you
might not know exactly what to do. As a newcomer it’s easy to be scared to ask
questions or contribute to a conversation but when you seek guidance from
someone whose been in your shoes, it'll allow you to contribute to your
company correctly.

4. Education is only the beginning
Now that you've completed your 4+ years of higher education,
learning/studying is never over. You’ll be learning to budget, to hunt for the perfect
apartment, to cook for yourself, or even negotiate a job offer, the list of the new
lessons is infinite.

5. The Office of Career Services and Co-op is here for you
Even as an RIT alumni, remember the Office of Career Services and Cooperative
Education is here to assist you. Whether it’s finding a new career path, updating
your resume or discussing other options in your field – we are here for you.

Over the course of these next few days while you're studying for finals, make sure
you are prepped and ready to go for the real world! If you need to schedule a
meeting with your advisor, we are here over the summer! Also, make sure to keep checking Handshake to see any upcoming events or to find a summer or fall

Lastly, for all the graduating seniors, DON'T FORGET to fill out the Final Destination
Survey online (link below)! We love to see where our students are going and the
information you provide allows us to provide better advice to students still at RIT.