Monday, January 8, 2018


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Saved Searches and Search Alerts! 

As you know Handshake is the career platform where we post jobs for students and alumni (plus more). But did you know that you have the ability to not only save your job searches in Handshake, but also to customize and receive job alert notifications when new jobs matching your search criteria are added? 
(Note: When saving a search, please be aware that you are not saving your search results. You are saving your search criteria).  

First, Create Your Search:
1. Select Jobs from the top menu bar.
2. You will see on the left of the screen a list of filters you can use to create the criteria for your search. Filters include items such as location, employment type, major, labels (co-op terms), etc.  Select the criteria for your search.
You’ll want to save this search if you think this is one you’d like to perform again in the future, or you want to receive alerts when more jobs like this are posted.  Remember, by saving your search you are saving the criteria for the search, not the data the search yielded. The jobs meeting the criteria of your saved search could easily change from day to day.

To Save Your Search:
1. Select the Create Search Alert button under Saved Searches (on top left side of page) 
2. You have saved your search! This search is viewable by you alone; no one else has access to it.
Note: If you save a search that does not have a keyword, Handshake will default to naming the search according the date you saved it. If you would like, you are also able to edit the title of the search, or edit the notification settings for the alerts.

To Create an Alert:
Select the pencil icon next to the saved search
Here, you can rename your search, and choose how and when you'd like to be notified when new jobs are posted that match this job search

So, there you have it! We hope you find these Handshake tips "handy"!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Co-op Search Suggestions During Break

It’s that time of year, where everyone’s recovering from the holidays! While we do want you to continue to enjoy time with family and friends, we’d like you to fit in a little work that’ll help you and more information on finding a Co-op:

Search Suggestions:

» Take time to complete your profile in Handshake. Handshake suggests potential co-ops based on your profile. Find these matches by looking under the tab “For You”.

» Update your resume to include additional skills or progression in your labs and projects, from your most recent semester. Be sure your resume has an objective statement that includes co-op and availability.

» Check other job search sites including:,,, and Our website has list of sites recommended by major.

» Use a variety of keyword search terms for your industry. Search on “intern” as well as “co-op” to get the best results. You can also include a location in your search.

» Connect with alumni via LinkedIn. Search for “Rochester Institute of Technology” then click on the “See Alumni” button. Be sure to craft a personal note when sending a request to connect.

» LinkedIn is often your best source of company information when researching (Sometimes much better than the company’s own site).

» Network with your family and friends by asking for contacts or job leads.

Spring Search Suggestions:

» Apply to as many jobs posted on Handshake as you can. There are still open positions. Employers continue to contact us with open positions into January! Handshake search tips available.

» Spring-summer double term? You still have A LOT of time to nd a co-op. You can start as late as February, work through August and still have the position count as a double block.


With that being said, take this free time you have but also take action that will help you reach your goals! These tips can be applied to every field so be sure to share with your friends !

Enjoy the rest of your break & Happy New Year from your friends at the Office of Career Services and Co-op!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Shake Hands With Your Future

You know how important a handshake can be in the professional world. Here’s one Handshake you really want to know about. The new university platform for recruiting students.

Our office has recently made the switch from RIT Job Zone to Handshake! It is a platform that allows students, employers, and career centers to interact and gain opportunities for experience more efficiently than ever before. It grants student access to equal opportunities in the working world.

How can Students use it?
• Students can create their profile, fill it to the brim with information on their experiences, coursework and more.
• They can search for co-op, internship and full-time opportunities and interact with over 200,000 employers.
• The more a student fills their profile and uses Handshake, the more they will get out of it.

It works just like Spotify or Netflix, the more things you listen to or watch, the more suggestions you receive. The more skills, interests and experiences you put on your Handshake profile, the more opportunities they will suggest to you!

How can Alumni use it?
• Alumni of RIT can use Handshake just the same as a current student!
• Perhaps you want to find a new job or make a career change, you’ll have access to Handshake and its fantastic opportunities even after graduating from RIT!

How can Employers use it?
• Connect with and recruit from over 400 universities. This allows you to increase your breadth and scope of opportunities to students. (There are over 8,000,000 students on Handshake.)
• You can post your open positions across dozens of schools…FOR FREE!
• You can filter potential hires to see who best fits your positions.
• Easy to manage – you have one account where you can set up recruiting events or interviews, register for career fairs and set up your own events.
• You can even contact potential candidates directly through Handshake.

For more information, please visit our site:

Written by
Taylor Lincoln, RIT Office of Career Services