Friday, January 28, 2011

Objective or Not Objective, That Is The Question

"I was told you don't need an objective." But without an objective, how will a prospective employer quickly categorize you? Do you want them to guess what job you want to be considered for? What level -- co-op, internship or full-time job?

Of course, by leaving it off you keep your options open -- but you also may give the impression that you are not focused and are applying to any and all jobs. Employers like to believe your career interests are right in line with what they have to offer. And if you are trying to make a shift in your career path -- all they have to go on is your job history or degree qualifications which may not be the direction you are hoping to go in.

Resumes are quickly scanned -- so if you leave off an objective you are making that employer do a little too much work to find out who you are and where you might fit. You want to make it easy for an employer to move you ahead in the hiring process.

So, by taking a few minutes to make your objective fit their industry or type of candidate, you will give the impression you are a good match for their organization and that leads you closer to the interview.

by Gretchen Burruto
RIT Office of Co-op and Career Services

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