Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Do You Have Any Questions?

Yes! Yes, you do! When you are asked if you have an questions in an interview situation, you want to ask well-thought out questions of the interviewer or the team of interviewers. If you don't, you immediately give the impression that you:

1. are not interested in the position or,
2. are a know-it-all, that the interviewer can't possibly give you any additional insight into the company, culture or the nuts and bolts of the job or,
3. you are not a savvy interviewer, which leads to the impression that you just might not be savvy period.

So, do your homework regarding the job and the company. Write up questions that you want/need answers to before you accept a job. Bring them with you to the interview because nerves have a way of robbing your recall of this kind of thing. Add questions that occur to you during the interview process.

For samples or questions you can ask the interviewer, please visit the Interviewing section of our site.

Good luck!

by Gretchen Burruto, Assistant Director
RIT Office of Co-op and Career Services

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