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Fall 2013 Student Newsletter

Job Zone E-News Fall 2013
TOPICS:  Job Zone Issue| Career Fair Debrief  | #GetLinked Campaign - NEW | Meet Ups – NEW | Digital Dirt - NEW | Upcoming Events | Connect with us on Social Media

Job Zone Tip: Transcript Issue

Firstly, we want to clear up a problem some students have been having with storing a transcript from SIS (PeopleSoft) to Job Zone.

Convert your SIS transcript to PDF first (this will avoid encryption in the PDF). We recommend Chrome as your browser – the print and save feature will give you a PDF without encryption. (Firefox does not have the same print and save feature)
1.       View unofficial transcript in Chrome through SIS (PeopleSoft)
2.       In Chrome Right click and select Print, then click Change button and  select SAVE as PDF using the Chrome pull-down options. (Note: Do not skip these steps and save the file. Also make sure you allow pop ups).
3.       Upload this file to Job Zone
This should solve any issue you’ve been having. Sorry for the inconvenience! Now onto some awesome news

Career Fair Debrief

So guess what everyone? You all broke our Career Fair record! We had 3862 attendees (students and alumni) and 756 recruiters (that we know of) representing 250 companies and nearly 1600 interviews conducted.

We wanted to take a second to thank everyone who came, our fantastic staff, all recruiters who participated and most importantly our student volunteers. Without them, none of this would have been possible, all 200 of them. This includes volunteers, Student Ambassadors, student panelists, the Women’s Rugby Team, our “Wireless Wizards” and many more groups of students who in any way helped us.

They were sporting the grey and orange volunteer shirts, helping set up, clean up and assist the staff and recruiters during the event.
Make sure you come back for the Spring Career Fair!

#GetLinked Campaign - NEW

Get Linked, Win Prizes!

You may have seen the campaign check list during the LinkedIn photo booth at the Career Fair, so let us elaborate on that. LinkedIn is becoming one of the most prominent platforms for connecting people with jobs, and in the upcoming year it will be a necessity. Start building up your LinkedIn profile and online presence NOW. To get you motivated, we have created the #GetLinked Campaign designed to give you a taste of what LinkedIn has at its disposal. Even better, the campaign ends with a RAFFLE to win a FREE prize. Starting TODAY! The prizes may include an iPod shuffle or RIT gear (fleece sweatshirt, hoodie, etc.) You will be able to choose if you win.

Raffle check list:
Join the RIT Office of Career Services group on LinkedIn (mandatory) AND…
Do 5 of the following 8 things:
1.      Connect with 10 new people
2.      Add a new section to your profile (with content)
3.      Customize your URL
4.      Join a new group relating to  your field/interests (aside from our group)
5.      Post 2 articles through your account relating to your field/interests
6.      Add 5 new skills that people can endorse you
7.      Post a discussion in a group
8.      Update your profile picture to a professional-looking headshot
When you are done, comment in the manager’s choice Get Linked discussion on LinkedIn saying that you completed the tasks.

Easy enough, right? Doing these will only take 10 minutes of your time at most, but the impact is exponential. We can’t see if you’ve done these things unless you join our group (if you haven’t already) and open your privacy settings, so make sure that’s your first priority! We encourage you to try and do the things you haven’t already completed prior to the campaign, but if you’ve already completed some of these tasks, they DO count towards the check list.

This is a fantastic start to any job search; you’ll thank yourself in the near future. Also…

Make sure you follow us on Twitter @RITCareers and look for #GetLinked for updates and announcements. Handouts will be given out during surrounding events.

The campaign is active from 10/2 (Today) – 10/9. We will be drawing and announcing winners and prizes early on Wednesday, 10/9


Something new we are trying this year are “Meet Ups”

Instead of the generic workshop with a presentation and then a Q&A session, we are skipping right to the Q&A so we can get to what YOU want to talk about when YOU want it.

Every session will be hosted by several career services experts. You can come and ask us anything about careers, how we can help you, how to find co-ops or full-time jobs, targeting your job search, sharpening interview skills, negotiating salaries, networking, and the list goes on forever.


Manny Contomanolis

Dr. Manny Contomanolis, Associate VP and Director

 Louise Carrese
Louise Carrese, Sr. Associate Director for Employer Relations

 Michelle Magee
Michelle Magee, Associate Director for Student Services

Maria Richart
Maria Richart, Associate Director for International Outreach

When and Where:
Thursday, November 7th, 12 – 1pm
Thursday, November 21st, 12 – 1pm
Thursday, December 5th, 12 – 1pm
Thursday, December 11th, 12 – 1pm

Campus Center Reading Room (Upstairs from the clubs office)


We all use social media, probably even daily… maybe hourly? Well everything you do on social media stays there and everyone sees it, including employers… 91% of them to be exact. We will start Digital Dirt events this semester where we expose you to what employers see when they look at your online presence. We will give you recommendations on how to clean up your accounts. No appointment needed! Look for our booth and stop by for a quick assessment.

Tuesday, October 8th, 12 – 1pm
SAU Lobby

Friday, October 18th, 1 – 2pm

Wednesday, October 23rd, 10 – 11am
Writing Center – Library

Wednesday, November 13th, 6 – 7pm
Grace Watson Hall

Thursdays, December 12th, 4 – 5pm
Grace Watson Hall

Remember… Like Vegas, what happens on the internet, stays on the internet.


[for a complete list, visit]

Graduate School Fair
Wednesday, October 23rd, 11am – 1pm
Fireside Lounge
Career Exploration
Thinking of Changing Your Major?
A 4-part info-session to help you assess alternate majors at RIT (Attendance of all 4 parts is mandatory)
Mondays, 4 – 5pm, October 7th, October 14th and October 21st
Bausch and Lomb Center - Room A100
Wednesdays, 4 – 5pm, October 30th, November 6th, November 13th and November 20th
Bausch & Lomb Center Room A190

Graduate School: To Go or Not to Go?
Learn about the process of selecting a grad program and university that’s right for you, which can be very overwhelming
Friday, October 18th 3 – 4pm
Bausch & Lomb Center Room – A100

Chart Your Career Path
Learn how to gather the proper information about what occupation is right for you with your major and your options
Thursday, November 7th, 4 – 5pm
Bausch & Lomb Center – Room A190

Job Search Essentials
Mentoring: Your Key to Success
Learn how mentors can help you jumpstart and advance your career or job search
Thursday, October 17th, 12 – 1:30pm
GCCIS – Room 2400

Building a Better Technical Resume
Presented by Thomas McCarthy, Recruiter for Modis. Learn valuable tips on developing a technical resume from a recruiter
Friday, November 15th, 2 – 3pm
Bausch & Lomb Center – Room A100

Work Abroad
Work Abroad Info Session
Working abroad is a very exciting and rewarding experience, but there is a lot to learn and preparation
Tuesday, October 22nd, 4 – 5pm
Bausch & Lomb Center – Room A100
Friday, November 8th, 12 – 1:30pm
Bausch & Lomb Center – Room A190

Job Search for Graduate Students
Using Social Media for Your Job Search
Thursday, October 10th, 1 – 1:50pm
Carlson Auditorium – Room 1125

How to Write a CV
Thursday, November 14th, 2 – 2:50pm

Effective Job Search Strategies
Monday, December 9th, 3 – 3:50pm
Carlson Auditorium – Room 1125

Connect With Us On Social Media

In the Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services, we strive to provide effective and personalized career education. One way we do that is by connecting with students, alumni, employers and community partners in their own language and on their own timeframe – through social media! We use social media to share information and events, create conversation and interchange, and respond to questions and feedback! We want to be the platform for employers to connect to YOU, and you all to connect to each other and our office. Visit our official accounts and join the exchange! Links to all of our social media sites can be found on our home page,

We’re on Twitter
Co-op & Career Services uses Twitter to share the latest information, pictures, and resources throughout the day and during career events. We frequently feature advice, articles, employer visits, key dates, live tweeting of events and sometimes even giveaways. We like to converse with students and alumni by answering questions and tweeting back. Twitter is the most personal of all our accounts, so it’s the best to get primary information from us and directly connect to employers. Follow our account, @RITCareers

We Have an Interest in Pinterest
Food, art, fashion – and now career inspiration. Co-op & Career Services has joined Pinterest. Discover the latest advice on interview attire, resume writing, and words of encouragement like this: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” These words from Walt Disney are enough to get me through interviews! Find the latest career tips by following and repinning our boards,

Don’t Be Left Out: Become LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a professional networking site that allows you to connect with like-minded professionals, groups, and discussions. Networking is a key component of job and co-op searches; so begin now. Connect with Co-op and Career Service’s LinkedIn group, along with over 3,000 students, alumni, and employers! We have up-to-date job postings and discussions waiting for you. Visit

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