Wednesday, October 16, 2013

First Days on the Job: 15 Ways to Make a Great Impression

1. Arrive early, stay late
A punctual arrival shows that you are organized, value your work, and are considerate of your co-workers' time.

2. Dress the part
Whether you like it or not, people will judge you on how you look. In most situations, work is not the place to show off your Goth leanings or your love for all things hippy

3. Show up with a positive attitude
Be pleasant, enthusiastic, and friendly with everyone you come in contact with. Tackle all duties with eagerness, and never, ever complain about a particular duty, your job in general, or your co-workers or colleagues.

4. Ask for help
It's tempting to want to prove your competence the first days on the job. But no matter how skilled and knowledgeable you are, you won't have all the answers.

5. Take initiative
It's common to feel overlooked or as if you're not really needed as it's figured out where you fit in. Once you've completed certain duties, don't hide in your cubicle until someone tells you what to do next.

6. Check your personal life at the door

7. Socialize with your co-workers
Does your workplace have a softball team, a cooking club, or simply a group of people who go out for drinks every Tuesday night? Be sure to join them.

8. Avoid office politics and gossip
Stay far away from the rumor mill, and avoid associating with people who are powering it.

9. Stay out of the limelight
It's very tempting to highlight what you know the first few days on the job. After all, you want co-workers to know how qualified and competent you are. But constantly putting yourself in the spotlight will give you nothing but an unflattering rep as a "know-it-all." Instead, listen to others, be open-minded about their suggestions and approaches, and share your knowledge without forcing it on others.

10. Say "thank you" often
You'll likely enjoy a success or two (even if they're small) your first few days on the job. When you do, be sure to share credit with those who helped you.

11. Own up to your mistakes
Just like you're likely to enjoy successes, you'll also make a few mistakes your first few days on the job.

12. Be organized

13. Have lunch with different people
Instead of waiting for them to invite you, invite your co-workers to lunch.

14. Get to know the company
Don't stop researching once you've landed the position!

15. Celebrate the positive first impression
you've made
Be confident in all the steps you have taken to show co-workers and colleagues who you really are.

Excerpts from article by Dawn Dugan,

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