Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Secret Agents of Job Hunting

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Spoiler: The secret agents of job hunting are search agents (yup, there's the pun). Many job hunting sites have ways to input very specific information and, in return, give you back very specific job openings at your convenience. A lot of people do not know this, however, so we’re going to take you through some examples of how to use it to make your job search less of a hassle.


LinkedIn has its own built in job search system. It searches jobs that have been posted through LinkedIn (so if a company “posts” a job by just linking to their own company’s application page, it won’t show up).

Go to the jobs tab and click advanced search to put in your criteria.

Once you do that, click search and see all of the results. Nothing you like right now? At the top right is a button called “save search”, this allows you to get alerts from the search you just made, so click on it.

Now it opens up a menu that asks how often you want to receive alerts from this search, so if new jobs come up, you will get an email and notification. Simple as that! You can do this for as many searches as you want. Go back to this window and all of your saved searches will appear and you can edit them, delete them or add more. has even more search options than LinkedIn. Utilize both!

Some of these options include email alerts just like LinkedIn and even plug-ins that appear right on your browser when you're on the internet.

Job Zone

Last but definitely not least is our office’s very own Job Zone.

Schedule a search agent to run and "ping" you with new job postings! Using the search agent tool in Job Zone is one of the most effective ways for you learn about job opportunities, especially when looking for a co-op.

How To: Go to Jobs > select Advanced Search > check Save As check box > pick your criteria (the less you pick the better) > Submit. Now this search will show on Search Agent Tab under Jobs. Select your saved search and Schedule it to run.

Written by Tom Weekes

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