Monday, September 15, 2014

Career Fair Plus

Are you tired of fumbling with print outs, notes and a map at the Career Fair? Frustrated by clicking tons of links to try and find information about the Fair? Well do we have the thing for you! And no, it’s not some online or infomercial scam. The Career Fair Plus App. So what is it, and why should you download it? Let’s dive right in.

First of all, it’s free!

Go to or you can find it on the App Store or Google play, scroll until you find the one for RIT. It’s that simple!

Convenience of everything in one

This allows you to have all of your Career Fair needs in one place. We'll give you a little tour of each section 

Picture of Home Screen


Here you will find a list of all the companies attending the Career Fair right a the palm of your hand. Take a look at Apple's page for example. You can see their overview, where they'll be located, majors they're hiring, kinds of degrees and positions they're hiring for and then extra information at the bottom. You can also type your own personal note at the top. Maybe they're a company you want to check out, so write that, or maybe you have a more tailored 60 Second Commercial for them so you want to make note of specific information you want to tell them.

The best part about this section is the filter system. You don't have to sift through all these companies looking for your major. Just like in Job Zone, you can set filters. The picture to the left is how you would filter by major -- at the top do you see those other letters? D stands for degree, I for Industry, P for positions and WA for work authorization. All the info on the company page can be used as a specific filter. It will only display companies that are looking for the specific things you checked off on the filter. Want to start again? Hit "clear filter" and being a new search. Or back on the company page, hit "All" instead of filter to just see all the companies. 

Fair Map

Currently there is no map because we haven't released that yet, but this is where you would find it. Unlike the paper copy, there is way more interactivity. You can mark favorites and click on booths to see what company is there. This is WAY easier than checking it off on the paper copy. 


Here will be posting all of our office's events such as Info Sessions, Networking Events and Workshops leading up to the fair. Many of them will help you prep for the Fair. Any event that is usually on our Job Zone calendar will be here with all of the info you need at your convenience. The best part? You can add events to your phone's calendar (as long as you allow the app to access your calendar, which is encouraged). How easy is that?!


The Career Fair is hectic and you might miss some important updates (companies adding/dropping majors, moving booths, not coming, etc.). We always make it a priority to get that information to you as fast as possible through our Twitter account (@RITCareers, #RITCF), and posted on an announcement board on the field house floor, but you may miss it. Here we will try and post the same information. This is similar to how you can expect the announcements to look.

Career Fair 101

Do you get lost in our endless catalog of Career Fair Tips? We want to make it even easier for you to find when you're getting ready for the Fair. This is where they will be. Similar to our web page articles, these will be nice resources to go through before the Career Fair.

And that's the Career Fair Plus app! Download it, get familiar with it and dominate the Career Fair!

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