Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Career Fair is Over. Now What?

Tips From The Career Services And Co-op Office On How To Keep The Momentum Going!

  • Follow up! The contact list of employers from the Fair will be available soon at the Co-op Office. If there is an employer you want to connect with but did not get their information you can come to the office and get it (provided the employer agreed to release their information). Send an email to the companies that you are MOST interested in to follow up; always attach a current resume whenever you email a company. Be sure you complete a profile as well as apply to posted positions on the employer career’s link. Keep checking Job Zone as many of these same employers will post positions.
  • If you had an interview – it is essential to write a thank you note! Send the thank you email within 24 hours.  Reiterate your interest in the position and restate your most outstanding qualification for that particular employer.
  • Connect with employers on LinkedIn. Once you have connected, stay in touch with them.  Be careful to stay in touch with permission.
  • Keep detailed records of companies you spoke with, which positions you applied to, who you spoke with.
  • Practice your interviewing skills! You never know when you may hear from an employer you met at the fair.
  • Never ever ignore an employer call, email or text.  Be professional and return the contact within the work day if possible or early the next work day.

Maybe The Career Fair Wasn’t Quite As Successful For You As You Had Hoped It Would Be

What should you be doing now to find a position?  Don’t give up, below are the suggestions.

  • Job Zone  Keep checking our website 2x a week for new listings.
  • Other Sites &  Use your major as the keyword.  If you are looking for a co-op add “intern” to your major.  Many companies call the jobs” internships”.  As long as they are paid, full-time and the work is related to your major, it will be counted as a co-op. Your friends aren’t using these outside websites to find places to apply.  Use them and get ahead of the competition.
  • Apply to Everything Do not be picky about location or company.  Many employers assist with housing. Don’t worry that you don’t have every skill on the job listing. For a co-op search, you want to send at least 75 resumes.
  • Network  Be sure you have a LinkedIn Profile. Connect with employers and alumni who may be able to give job leads.  LinkedIn also has a job listing database to search for potential opportunities. Join a club or engineering society to reach out and network with employers.
  • Volunteer You never know who you might meet.

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