Monday, February 20, 2017

Don't Take the Job Yet: Job Scams Warning

The FBI recently released a public service announcement, warning college students of employment scams that have resulted in financial loss to the students involved.

Through online job postings, applicants will receive an email from the employer about a check for them to deposit into their personal banking account. Then, the student is instructed to keep a portion as their pay and transfer the rest to a different account to cover the cost for supplies or other expenses. However, eventually, the bank will confirm that the check was counterfeit.

This is one common form of job scams that has affected RIT students. This has happened not only for job postings, but also housing and other employment-related transactions.

RIT Information Security and Public Safety are working to find scams and report them to the RIT community as they occur.

Jobs posted on RIT Job Zone are filtered and vetted before becoming available to students and alumni to apply. It is important, however, to always be cautious of postings available online.

If you believe you have received a similar email, contact RIT Public Safety at (585)475-2873.

For learn more on how to identify these scams, visit our Job Scams information page.

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