Friday, September 29, 2017

Shake Hands With Your Future

You know how important a handshake can be in the professional world. Here’s one Handshake you really want to know about. The new university platform for recruiting students.

Our office has recently made the switch from RIT Job Zone to Handshake! It is a platform that allows students, employers, and career centers to interact and gain opportunities for experience more efficiently than ever before. It grants student access to equal opportunities in the working world.

How can Students use it?
• Students can create their profile, fill it to the brim with information on their experiences, coursework and more.
• They can search for co-op, internship and full-time opportunities and interact with over 200,000 employers.
• The more a student fills their profile and uses Handshake, the more they will get out of it.

It works just like Spotify or Netflix, the more things you listen to or watch, the more suggestions you receive. The more skills, interests and experiences you put on your Handshake profile, the more opportunities they will suggest to you!

How can Alumni use it?
• Alumni of RIT can use Handshake just the same as a current student!
• Perhaps you want to find a new job or make a career change, you’ll have access to Handshake and its fantastic opportunities even after graduating from RIT!

How can Employers use it?
• Connect with and recruit from over 400 universities. This allows you to increase your breadth and scope of opportunities to students. (There are over 8,000,000 students on Handshake.)
• You can post your open positions across dozens of schools…FOR FREE!
• You can filter potential hires to see who best fits your positions.
• Easy to manage – you have one account where you can set up recruiting events or interviews, register for career fairs and set up your own events.
• You can even contact potential candidates directly through Handshake.

For more information, please visit our site:

Written by
Taylor Lincoln, RIT Office of Career Services