Monday, January 8, 2018


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Saved Searches and Search Alerts! 

As you know Handshake is the career platform where we post jobs for students and alumni (plus more). But did you know that you have the ability to not only save your job searches in Handshake, but also to customize and receive job alert notifications when new jobs matching your search criteria are added? 
(Note: When saving a search, please be aware that you are not saving your search results. You are saving your search criteria).  

First, Create Your Search:
1. Select Jobs from the top menu bar.
2. You will see on the left of the screen a list of filters you can use to create the criteria for your search. Filters include items such as location, employment type, major, labels (co-op terms), etc.  Select the criteria for your search.
You’ll want to save this search if you think this is one you’d like to perform again in the future, or you want to receive alerts when more jobs like this are posted.  Remember, by saving your search you are saving the criteria for the search, not the data the search yielded. The jobs meeting the criteria of your saved search could easily change from day to day.

To Save Your Search:
1. Select the Create Search Alert button under Saved Searches (on top left side of page) 
2. You have saved your search! This search is viewable by you alone; no one else has access to it.
Note: If you save a search that does not have a keyword, Handshake will default to naming the search according the date you saved it. If you would like, you are also able to edit the title of the search, or edit the notification settings for the alerts.

To Create an Alert:
Select the pencil icon next to the saved search
Here, you can rename your search, and choose how and when you'd like to be notified when new jobs are posted that match this job search

So, there you have it! We hope you find these Handshake tips "handy"!

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