Monday, November 26, 2012

11 Social Media Mistakes You Don't Even Know You're Making

, contributing writer has written the article "These Social Media Blunders Could be Hurting You Personally & Professionally". You probably are being thoughtful about your security settings on Facebook and you have a professional looking photo of yourself on LInkedIn -- but do you need to do more? Here are some tips that may get you thinking even deeper about social media and, as a result, tweaking your online presence.

11 Social Media Blunders Could be Hurting You Personally & Professionally

1. Never Engaging in Real-Life
2. Being Too Negative
3. Falling Victim to "Tagging"
4. Failing to Keep Secrets
5. Not Choosing Your Friends Carefully
6. Being Offensive/Inappropriate
7. Using Poor Grammar & Spelling
8. Painting an Inaccurate Self-Portrait
9. Lackadaisical Social Efforts
10. Having Retweet Regrets
11. Not Getting in the Game

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