Monday, November 5, 2012

Writing a Follow Up Email Message

Once you have done your research, and identified the right person to talk to, this is the most important factor in the process. If you can draft a message perfectly tailored to that contact and the company, you are certain to get their attention.
  1. Ask if they need more information about yourself
  2. Quickly mention why you are the perfect match
  3. Express your interest in the company and the department. The more specific you can get, the better. Search for PR, news and other sources and dig deep into what the company is doing, even better, what the department is doing. What projects are they working on? If you know people at the company, ask them about the department or even the team.
  4. If possible, mention a person’s name at the company that you know. If you know that person well, ask them about the company. If they mention many positive points, include this in your message.
For more information on this topic read the complete article: "How to Follow Up by Email After Sending Your Resume" by Daniel in Job Search Revolution

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