Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Job Searching with Social Media

On top of connecting with old friends and unearthing juicy updates, social media can be used to advance your career. In particular, the online tool can be leveraged to find jobs and co-ops/internships. With the recent explosion of social media, many companies have been utilizing Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and blogs in their process of finding new talent. Likewise, job seekers can use social media to highlight their skills and stand out from other candidates. A successful job search strategy includes using social media in a smart and professional way.



On Twitter, follow industry companies and leaders; engage in interactions with them. Interact through retweeting, favoriting posts, and responding to career discussions. Once you have established a relationship, tweet about your job search, professional achievements, and passion for the field. This is a powerful strategy to market yourself and attract company recruiters. Keep your tweets professional, concise, and eye-catching.

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LinkedIn is the Facebook for professionals. It is a place to connect and network with individuals in your profession. After a job interview, you can follow recruiters and professionals. Also, you can learn about professionals who work at your desired company. It is important to complete your LinkedIn profile 100 percent. This allows LinkedIn to rank your profile higher in search results, allowing you to be more visibility to recruiters.

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More often than not, before a company makes a job offer, they’ll do the obligatory online search of your name. Aim for an online presence that highlights your achievements and career passions. A search on Google should reveal things like your resume, LinkedIn profile, and Facebook page. Be most aware of your Facebook presence. Filter embarrassing photos, inappropriate comments, and senseless apps (e.g. Love Quotes). Even more, use your Facebook page to give yourself an advantage. Make your profile picture a clean image of yourself; link tweets and blogging to Facebook.

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Blogging allows you to connect with a community and exchange information and feedback. Develop a blog that details your career interests. Create a pictorial blog of your designs with interspersing text. Also, show your knowledge and understanding by discussing advances and trends. Create instructions and tutorials on relevant products and services; talk about new product releases. In addition, use your blog to share feedback and reviews. If a professor or colleague gives your work a good review, post it on your blog. This is a great way to draw attention to your strengths, without sounding forceful.

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