Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How to Not Screw Up a Skype Interview

More and more and more companies are using Skype video interviews as part of their hiring process. Make sure you read this post to help you ace one.
Video conferencing may be the employer’s interview tool of the future, but are job seekers comfortable with the change? Don’t lose sleep pondering the best camera angle, just follow these simple tips to avoid calamity.

Tend to the Big Picture

First impressions matter. But without the opportunity to give a firm handshake, you’ll have to rely on other means to prove yourself.

Silence is Golden

Keep the room quiet by quitting e-mail, instant messengers and other potential noisemakers. This means you can still keep a word document open — a resume or cover letter — as a reference. Put your cell phone on silent, or better yet, turn it off completely.

Expect Technology Hiccups

The lingering terror of the Skype interview is relying on a perhaps flakey internet connection. To ease your mind, ditch the WiFi and plug into an ethernet cable.
For more information on this topic, read the complete article written by Alyssa Martino for Brazen Life


  1. Attire yourself as if you were going to their office for the interview. Do not just wear the suit jacket, shirt and tie or the blouse and blazer with your shorts or worse yet....just your underwear or natures gift to you.

  2. Take into consideration what the webcam can see! Make sure that part of your room is clean and there is no questionable material laying around, make sure its tidy and organized. If in doubt go to an empty classroom or get a private room in the library.